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Home Renter FAQ’s

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When do you begin listing homes for next year’s tournament?
Right away! It may take the owners a few weeks to edit their listings to reflect next year’s dates, but most listings are renewed. If you see a listing you are interested in that still reflects the previous tournament dates, please inquire as to availability and pricing for the upcoming tournament.

How are homes priced?
Homeowners list their home directly on our site. All information and pricing is directly from them. If you have any questions and would like more information regarding a certain home, please inquire about the property using the “Submit Inquiry” function on the listing.

How many guests can I have in a home?
The number of guests is limited to the number of beds in the home, whether it be singles or couples. We do not allow use of inflatable mattresses, cots or other types of temporary beds without prior request and approval at time of signed agreement. Failure to abide by these rules could void the agreement during the middle of your stay and the owner could force you to vacate without reimbursement.

Is there smoking allowed in the home?
All homes are designated as non-smoking unless marked otherwise. Please respect their wishes and keep all smoking / tobacco use outside only and dispose of all debris. Smoking in home could cause homeowner to incur additional cleaning and de-odorizing expenses which Tenant would be responsible for.

Is Maid Service included with my home?
The homeowner designated in their listing whether maid service was included. If maid service was included, it usually includes daily pickup, beds made, clean kitchen/dishes and one mid-week sheet change if full week rental. If you require further service or sheet changes during your stay, please notify us so we can forward your request to the homeowner to obtain cost. Additional funds will be required for host homes or guests that entertain more persons then are actually staying in the home.

What is a dinner or host home?
Sometimes, corporate groups book multiple homes in the same area and convene for dinner / hospitality in one of the homes. If you intend to use a home in this manner, we must be notified in advance of lease and additional fees may be required as the home will require beyond the standard maid service and cleaning.

Is cooking allowed in the home?
Yes. The homeowner should have left access to clean pots and pans for you to cook with. This is one of the advantages of a private home over a hotel during your stay.   If outside services are contracted to prepare and/or serve meals/beverages in the home, prior notification and approval by Owner is necessary. Such contactors shall have insurance to cover any loss, damage or other to property caused by them. Contractor will assume responsibility of all cleanup related to its activities. Tenant is still ultimately responsible for any damage or loss caused by contractor.

What are the check-in and check-out times of my home lease?
Generally, a 3pm check-in time and a noon check out time, same as most hotels. This can vary though and we will communicate any requests from you to the homeowner.

If I lease a home, what is the process for payment and receiving the keys?
Once both the homeowner and renter have signed the Contract/Agreement, a 50% deposit will be required. Final payment will be due no later than January 7th. If you’re leasing a home after Jan. 7th, full payment will be required. Instructions will be emailed with detailed information related to picking up the keys to your home and directions. The instructions will include the address of the home. Please print directions from your origin beforehand. The instructions will also include the code to the lock box which will be on the front door of the home and have your keys enclosed. There should be at least 4 sets of keys with an additional set for each bedroom over 4. Upon departure, please lock the door behind you and leave all sets of keys in the lock box or one in the lock box and rest on kitchen counter. All sets of keys need to be accounted for or you will be responsible for expenses related to changing the locks on the home, as stated in your signed  Agreement.

What happens if the homeowner moves or loses possession of the home after I have made a deposit?
Homeowners are instructed to not list or deactivate their listings if the home is for sale. In the event that the homeowner did not follow instructions and you placed a deposit on a home that has sold, we will attempt to have the new owner honor the previous owners lease and provide you with new pictures and description for approval or we will refund your deposit and help you find another suitable home to lease through our site.

What happens if there is any damage to the home?
This is covered in the Agreement. Tenant is 100% responsible for any damages/losses during your stay.  We require that you immediately report any such problems to us. You may also check with your personal insurer in advance about your coverage during the rental period.

Should I call for listing information?
We have designed our site to let the homeowners have total control of their listings. All pictures, descriptions and prices are on the site. We do not have any additional information that you cannot see in the listings. However, if you see a home you are interested in and don’t see the exact dates you need the home in the pricing area, please submit an inquiry from the listing and indicate the dates you wish to lease the home. We will forward your request to the homeowner to see if they would be interested in quoting a price to you. If you have any other questions related to the home, please ask through the inquiry area. We do not give out exact addresses. You can click on the “Map” icon at the top of the page and this will show you the general area the home is located in. There is also an “Advanced Search” function you can use in helping you find just the right home! You should only need to call us if there are technical problems with our site.

 What should I expect when I arrive at  the home?

  • The home should be thoroughly cleaned before you arrive.
  • All lights inside and out should be in working condition.
  • Any special instructions for use of your home including security, Air Conditioning/Heat, Telephone, Computer and Internet Connection should be in your packet or left on a counter by the homeowner.
  • Audio-Visual Equipment/Appliances: Any instructions related to use of audio visual equipment and appliances should be in your packet or left on a counter by the homeowner. All appliances should be in working condition. A coffee maker should be provided. There should be room in the refrigerator and freezer for your use.
  • Bathrooms: Each bathroom should have a supply of soap, tissue and toilet paper. Personal items should have been removed from countertops. Each bathroom should have clean towels, hand towels and wash cloths.
  • Bedrooms/Closets: There should be some space and hangars for you to use. There should a clear drawer or two to use in the dresser. A working alarm clock in each room has been advised to the homeowners, but is not guaranteed. All bedrooms should be made as “Adult” as possible if guests will be utilizing a kids bedroom. Clean sheets and pillow cases should be provided.

Are Masters Badges and/or Masters Hospitality available?
Yes! Please contact us for current badge and hospitality pricing.