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Horse Racing Tips – Are They Worth Listening to Or is There a Better Way to Win on the Horses?

Anyone who has ever heard of horse racing will no doubt be aware of the supposed benefits of receiving inside information from those ‘in the know’. The average punter is far happier (from some strange reason) to place their own hard earned cash on a horse that someone has told them to back, rather than making up their own mind which horse is the most likely winner. There seems to be some strange sort of security and confidence in a punter’s mind when they have ‘had the nod’ about a horse, than when they have themselves spent their own time going through the form of a race with the aim of picking the winner.

Horse racing tips come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from national newspaper ‘experts’, racing stable lads and lasses, premium rate telephone tips from someone claiming “to have the goose that laid the golden eggs”, to even more unscrupulous individuals who set out to con the ‘average Joe’ into believing that there is some ‘secret plot’ that he claims knows about!

If these individuals really were so good then do you think they would be happy to tell everybody else what was going to win? The business of giving horseracing tips is certainly one not to be trusted very far.

In the racing centres of Newmarket, Lambourn, Middleham, Malton etc. it is virtually impossible to go into a local pub without hearing numerous ‘hot tips’ along the lines of “the jockey got of him and said he is a certainty next time out”…

Think logically about that statement… that confident (and ill judged) statement did not even consider the fact that there are other horses in the race and is this particular horse good enough to beat the others? A horse may be fit and working well on the gallops but surely the opposition must be assessed before deciding which horse is going to be the likely winner of a race?

The shrewder (ie. the Professionals) and therefore, usually more profitable gambler will add the extra string to his bow by analysing the form of all the runners in a race before placing a bet. He/she may listen to the tips that fly around the phone lines each morning, but will certainly never back horses just on the say so of horse racing tips.

A successful gambler must be able to weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of the field, analyse the form, going, distance, improvement, class and a lot more. There are many ways to do this and a lot of them take a lot of time to go through just one race.

In the UK there are excellent paid-for services such as Timeform and Raceform which both now offer a detailed online service. There are also many websites that offer free form such as the Sporting Life, GG, ATR etc. The Racing Post is also good but this is now a paid service. One thing all these services still require you to do though is ‘collate and compare’ all these factors together before coming up with your selection.

One service that does go one step further though is Horse Racing Trend Wizard which collates all the relevant form for you into just one graphical screen of output. It allows an ‘at a glance’ analysis of a race which does give the punter a fair chance to pick the suitable races to look at and bet in the knowledge that they have at least got all the facts in front of them.

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